About Dinner Timer

Dinner Timer was developed as an aid to cooking my dinner.  After my two timers gave up my Mum kindly bought me two more, one digital and one analogue.

As it turns out the digital one is the most used but is also incredibly difficult and unfriendly to use, added to this often I would return to the PC to carry on developing some of my web sites and realise I had forgotten to start the timer.  Often I would return to start the timer but 5 minutes had passed because I had got side tracked and I had to guess how long I needed to set the timer for, having done this a few times I decided I should create myself a little application to my PC.

So Dinner Timer was born, a little simple application to help me time how long my dinner was cooking for.  I decided that their were a lot of features that could be included in a dinner timer application to help with cooking but I also wanted a simple version that would be up and running quickly.  Hence I decided to split development into two products, the full blown Dinner Timer and Dinner Timer Lite.

Dinner Timer Lite is released as a free application, please download and install freely and don't forget to tell your friends.

Dinner Timer is provided by Analysis UK Ltd, a UK based company initially setup to provide scientific software and products for the life sciences market.  Other Analysis UK products include Dollars2Pounds.com and BookSwap.ws, not to mention many other related sites.