Screen Shots

Main Application Screen shots.

  • Stopped:

    When Dinner Timer Lite is stopped it shows the current time.
    From this point you can set timer duration with the drop down box in the menu bar, either select a predefined value or enter your own time (in minutes).
    Not running, Dinner Timer Lite shows the current time.
  • Timer Running:

    When running Dinner Timer Lite can be set to one of three display modes by right clicking on the time. The default remaining time shown with the progress bar giving a clear visual indication of how far through we are.
    Remaining time with progress clearly shown.
  • Timer Running - Elapsed Time Mode:

    Elapsed time mode, showing how long the timer has been running.
    Elapsed time mode
  • Timer Running - Current Time Mode:

    If you prefer to see the current time whilst the timer is running then you can set to time mode.
    Current time mode when running
  • Running Transparent:

    The transparency can be set for various stages of the timer to allow the background to be more visible or to show the timer.
    Transparency when running Change of transparency when timer complete
  • Bubble Notification :

    One of the notifiers that ships with Dinner Timer Lite is the bubble notifier.
    This can be set to show notification area bubbles at specific timer events.
    Shown here are notifications of endpoint close and the timer endpoint.
    Bubble notification as completion time approaches Bubble notification when dinner is ready
  • Overrun Timer:

    Need an extra minute for the peas? Giving a speech that's timed? Dinner Timer Lite keeps track of how long over the time you have gone until you press stop.
    Over run timing
  • Notification Area:

    Dinner Timer Lite lives in the Notification Area and so can be completely hidden from the desktop. The tool top will show the timer duration and how long is left.
    Tool tip timer when in the system tray