Dinner Timer Lite comes with a number of built in notifier's, these are...
  • Bubble Notifier
  • Sound Notifier
  • Twitter Notifier
  • Exec Notifier

Bubble Notifier:

The Bubble notifier will pop up a bubble containing the text you set at the appropriate event.


Here we see the bubble notifier used on the EndPointClose event with the text "Time to get the table ready!", this is an ideal use of the bubble notifier, it's a non critical informative message.

Sound Notifier:

The sound notifier can be configured to play an appropriate sound at any of the timer events, typically this would be used to notify you that the timer has completed. 

You can use one of the built in sounds that ships with Dinner Timer (Lite) or your own wav files.

Twitter Notifier:

Let your friends know automatically when your are cooking or eating through Twitter integration.

The Twitter notifier can be configured to automatically tweet status updates on timer events such as start, stop, endpoint, endpoint close. The notifier supports templates so you can even add the time in to show when your dinner will be ready.

Exec Notifier:

The Exec notifier can be used to run external applications or open a web page.

Now Dinner Timer Lite is not limited to the notifications it can do, any application that can be started from the command prompt can now be started on the various timer events.