Dinner Timer Lite Features:

  • Easy selectable running time.
  • Progress bar to show your dinners progress.
  • Shows when you started the timer, how long the timer was set for and the time that you dinner will be ready.
  • Configurable notifier's alert you when your dinner is ready, such as sound using a custom wave (.wav) file or built in sound and pop-up bubble
  • Configurable warnings as timer completion time approaches.
  • Configurable additional warnings when timer over runs.
  • Over run timer.  Once the completion time has been met the timer keeps running, so if you want to cook your pea's for an extra minute their is no need to mess with the timer, just keep an eye on it (and your peas!)
  • Overrun (after burn) notification timers let you cook your dinner for a little longer but don't let you forget about it.
  • Selectable notifier's, including bubble and sound notifier's installed by default.
  • Customisable transparency so you can see the timer and what's behind it so it doesn't get in the way whilst still being visible.
  • You can minimise it to the notification area to get it totally out of the way.
  • It's totally free!