Options Screen Shots

  • General:

    General options allows basic configuration of Dinner Timer, including the default running time, time before the end when a warning should be raised, how long after the timer is complete that over run warnings should be raised and how long after the timer is complete that all notifier's should be stopped.
  • Time Options:

    Time Options are the pre configured set of times available in the drop down list from the main Dinner Timer Lite menu bar. You can add, edit and delete the options available. By adding your own options (such as Pizza(fridge) in this screen shot) allows you to have predefined meaningful times ready to select to run the timer.
  • Opacity:

    Opacity settings let you define how transparent Dinner Timer is during its various states, you can configure Dinner Timer to be practically invisible when stopped, be more visible when running and fully visible when the end point is reached.
  • Notifiers

    Notifier's allows you to select which forms of notification you wish to receive when events occur.  e.g. If the bubble notifier is selected then the bubble notifier will receive events, this will then pop up bubbles to notify you as configured.
  • Bubble Notifier:

    Configuring the bubble notifier, here on the End Point event (when the timer is complete), we run the "Dinner Ready!" bubble once.
  • Bubble Notifier:

    The Sound notifier can be configured to play a built in sound or a custom wav file.
  • Twitter Notifier:

    Twitter notifier allows you to automate sending tweets when you are cooking. Let your friends know your about to eat dinner by configuring the Twitter notifier to send a short "I'm eating my dinner" message when you click stop.
  • Exec Notifier:

    The Exec notifier is a general purpose notifier that allows .exe files to be started on timer events.

    If you have a task that is not covered by the selection of notifiers in Dinner Timer Lite you can add your own with this.

    Alternatively by entering a url you can have dinner timer open a web page automatically (i.e. set the program to run to be the web site of your favourite pizza delivery place and have it run on EndPointMissed2 when your dinner is nicely burnt.

    Shown below Dinner Timer Lite automatically starts the JungleDiskMonitor program when I stop the timer.