Before downloading Dinner Timer Lite please review the End User Licence Agreement, if you do not agree with the terms you should not download or install the software.

Current Version : 1.2.0

Released : 5-April-2009
Filesize : 8.8 Mb
Cost : FREE!

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New Features :

  • #27 – Modified time option editor so that pre-set times can have a seconds component as well.
  • #32 – Installer improved so all of the application is now back into a single exe however .net framework and windows installer are still separate downloads if these need to be installed.
  • #33 – Event Endpoint is now selected by default. Only the basic timer events are shown by default, this can be toggled by clicking the advanced button.
  • #34 - Modified options to allow setting of the warning times in HH:MM:SS format to facilitate second component.
  • #37 - Added source field for Twitter notification so you can see the message was sent from DinnerTimer on the Twitter website.
  • #39 – Reduced minimum font size when small so that the timer should now be readable when running and the window is reduced to it's minimum.
  • #44 - Added Exec notifier which will run an external program at a specific timer event. Entering a website address as the run application will open the web page, entering a application .exe file will launch the application. NB: Don't launch an auto-starting Dinner Timer Lite on the start event.
  • #49 – Improved keyboard shortcuts - added timer menu option with Start/Stop to facilitate key use.
    Start: Ctrl + S, Stop: Ctrl + O. Global Hotkeys options to be implemented in future versions.
  • #55 - Added text to describe the timer event selected in notifier options.
  • #56 - Added {{TimeRemaining}} template string to allow for a more friendly formatted time rather than just minutes.
  • #57 - Added Feedback menu option to allow easy feedback on the product.
  • #58 - Reduced the minimum size and made the start/stop buttons shrink when the window is small. More work to be done in this area.
  • #59 - Added command line option to start the timer.
    Use :
    AnalysisUK.DinnerTimerLite.Exe /start hh:mm:ss
    where hh:mm:ss is the run time of the timer. Time must be hh:mm or hh:mm:ss.
  • #62 – Clicking on any text of the Loaded notifiers form in Settings → Notifiers will select the notifier.
  • #63 - Added Advanced time options with auto-repeat so Dinner Timer Lite can be used as a repetitive timer.

Bug Fixes :

  • #29 – Fixed: Notifier UI was not correctly saving changes under certain conditions.
  • #61 – Fixed: Corrected word wrapping on check for updates dialog box.
  • #65 – Fixed: Incorrect transparency set when modifying transparency whilst timer running.
  • #66 – Fixed: Warning times not updated until restart. Warning times are not refreshed when closing the options dialog box.

Previous Versions:

Version : 1.1

Released : 28-Aug-2008
Filesize : 8.48Mb
Cost : FREE!

New Features :

  • The timer is now resizeable with the time expanding/shrinking to fill the available area so it's usable from a much greater distance.
  • Improved font rendering for less jagged display of time – esp. when large.
  • New Twitter notifier – now you can notify your friends and family automatically when you start dinner, when it will be ready, tweet notifications when it's about to be ready, when it's ready and through Dinner Timer Lite's unique overrun timer tweet when the dinners burnt.
  • Improved bubble notifications – both the bubble and twitter notifiers now support text template replacements. Include any of the following for them to be replaced with the appropriate values when run : {{RunMins}}, {{StartTime}}, {{EndTime}}, {{MinsRemaining}}, {{MinsOverrun}}.
  • Additional sounds for the sound notifier including : Cow moo, Air horn, Alarm beep, Alarm clock beep, Alarm ring, All clear, Ambulance, Aooga horn, Boat air horn, Boing, Boing2, Boxing bell multi, Bullet ricochet, Buzzer, Buzzer 2, Buzzer 3, Buzzer 4, Buzzer 5, Buzzer heavy, Buzz through loud, Buzz thru, Chainsaw.
  • The time options available in the drop down list is now user configurable and includes the ability to name the times. e.g. you can enter a timer called “Pizza” and have it set as a 12 minute timer, the list will then show Pizza which can be easily selected and when the timer is started it will run for 12 minutes.
  • New installer with a single exe so no unzipping required. Binaries and installer are now digitally signed.
  • Various under-the-cover improvements to facilitate some new features in the next release.

Bug Fixes :

  • Options have been resized to fit better with the default Windows Vista font size.
  • Added warnings for opacity settings where the timer may not be visible.
  • Added a context menu item to the notification area icon to reveal the timer if it is difficult to see.